Predict your time series with ETNA

ETNA is the first python open source framework of AI Center. It is designed to make working with time series simple, productive, and fun

pip install etna

Predict multiple time series from one domain

Optimized for large scale problems. With the all information about the process

Model zoo. At one place

Discover a variety of predictive models with unified interface: from classic machine learning to SOTA neural networks

Make feature generation easier

Generate time dependent features for both training and inference

Careful about the future

Temporal data structure always in mind. During preprocessing, training or inference

Built in tools for experiments

EDA, validation, hyperparameter optimization

Weights and Biases integration

Build better models faster with experiment tracking, dataset versioning, and model management

The future of business:
how we use ETNA at

Resource planning

We know in advance how many people we need

Financial Planning

Understand how company processes affect each other

Supply chain

There is always the right amount of money in ATMs

Problem solving

3 steps to make a profit for business

Predict using historical data

Cash in ATMs, number of support calls on each product


Сash collection options, current resources

Make a decision

Date of encashment, recruitment and distribution of employees